Tamin Energy Development Management Company

Company Introduction

Considering issues such as limited access to fossil fuels which has resulted in environmental pollution, the use of renewable energy sources at the international level has become more serious in the last three decades. The years in which the growth of this energy field has been exponential and rapid. In our country “Iran”, has also experienced significant growth in the progression and development of renewable energy by the help of the country’s attention and macro-policies in this regard. Consequently, in order to achieve the goals of the Social Security Investment Company, Sabz Kavir Energy Supply Company, one of the subsidiaries of Tamin Energy Development Company, started operating as a developer of a solar power plant with a capacity of 10 MW in Yazd province in August 2016.

History of the company

Tamin Energy Development Company (Energy Holding of Shasta) was established in 2009 following the approval of the government to hand over the two thermal power plants of Tabriz and Tus to the Social Security Organization in the form of rejecting government debt. The company was responsible for organizing the delivery of power plants and subsequently managing their operation. Since the end of 2014, the company’s activities have been developed and investments in the construction of conventional thermal power plants, Combo cycle power generation plants, renewable power plants and desalination systems, water and sewage treatment. Due to the attractive tariffs for guaranteed and long-term purchase of renewable power plants by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA), TESKCO as a subsidiary of Tamin Energy Development Company with the aim of identifying suitable projects for investment and doing business was formed. The implementation of the necessary permits for the Ardakan 10 MW solar power plant project and the preparation of the project for the construction immediately established further.

Members of the Board

Siamak Ali Babaei

CEO and member of the board of directors

Representative of Tamin Energy Development Co

Davoud Afshari Rad

Vice Chairman of the Board

Representative of Ofogh Tamin Energy Pars Co

Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Marashi

member of the board of directors

Representative of Ofogh Tamin Energy Sabz Co

Company Goals

The description of the main activities and duties of the company is as follows:



TESKCo, as the custodian of the subsidary of Energy Holding of SHASTA, actives in production of clean energy from renewable resources (especially wind and solar power plants), is formed to centralized activities in these areas. Company’s current projects such as two solar power plants, each with 10 MW capacity and wind farms with different capacities located in different  sites are in agenda. Since the development of investment in renewable energy sector requires sufficient technical, scientific and experimental capacity, so TESKCo Company along with domestic expert manpower through consulting companies and partner project management is carrying out projects Assigned.

It is worth to mention that the missions assigned to Tamin Energy Holding by the Social Security Investment Company is to establish 1000 megawatts of renewable power plants, which has created a clear horizon for Tamin Energy Holding sub-groups, especially TESKCo Company.

Benefits of Solar Energy

The sun is a great source of energy in our solar system. It takes about 8 minutes for solar photons to reach our planet. This phenomenon is an extraordinary peak in the universe, in which has caused every living thing to rely on the power of the sun to survive. Our world receives a lot of energy from the sun in one day, so that if it is used optimally, the entire population of the earth can consume this specific amount of the energy in the whole year.

Photovoltaic technology (PV) was first developed in 1950 to generate electricity. Today, after seven decades, with the advancement of photovoltaic technology, solar energy is becoming cheaper and more efficient and converted into electricity. In fact, based on high global demand and scientific studies, in the near future most of the electricity generated will be based on non-polluting resources mostly by renewable energies. Currently, the cost of using solar energy is quite competitive compared to other common sources of production such as fossil fuels. Also, this method of energy production has less impact on the climate, water resources and carbon dioxide gas production, which makes it more attractive for our country’s conditions. Overall, in today’s world, the future of solar energy production is along with its long-term benefits is brighter than ever. The world’s environmental problems have led to efforts to improve and advance the clean energy resources.

Mission and Vision

  • Mission statement

Ensuring the tasks assigned by the Tamin Energy Development Company with the highest efficiency and maximum use of available facilities through growing and expanding valuable economic activities in the field of renewable energy in line with the goals and missions of the Social Security Investment Organization (Shasta) and Energy Tamin Energy Development Company.

  • Company Vision

A leading company, active and well-known in the field of renewable energy, has permanent benefits for shareholders and stakeholders of the company.

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