ZahedaZahedan solar park site is located in 65 km southwest of the Zahedan city, having access through the road of Zahedan to Shuro region. The total area of ​​the solar park is 20 hectares and the nominal capacity of the power plant is 10 megawatts. The AC power supplied by the park gets connected to a number of voltage boosting substations and will reach the level of 20 kV.

Finally the electricity generated in the power plant will get connected to the regional power substation of the province for power delivery after being integrated in the connection point of the power plant to the two-circuit air transmission network and through a route of about 3 km. In June 1400, the documents related to the tender related to this project were delivered to the participants, which after the relevant evaluations and the selection of the contractor, the steps related to the executive phase of the power plant will begin.